If you’d like to be transported through cultures and regions around the world, you’re invited to take a trip up SLK Rd.


Traveled Tastes

SLK Rd. is inspired by the infamous Silk Road, an ancient network of trade routes that connected Asia with Africa, the Middle East, and southern Europe. These routes were, for centuries, central to cultural interaction. Much like the Silk Road was the epitome of cultural exchange, SLK Rd. brings together a network of rich flavors, customs, and cooking practices from around the world.



Cultural interaction comes alive in the ambience at SLK Rd. From the rich hues of teal and gold to the hand-picked pieces of international decor, the restaurant guarantees a luxurious and enchanting atmosphere sure to make your social media feed shine.

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The Team

The Team

Athi Phrasavath

Executive Chef

Known across kitchens as the Spice King, Athiraj Phrasavath isn’t just an ordinary chef. Specializing in aromatic cuisine, he has a knack for transporting individuals around the world via tastes and flavours.

Growing up he was fascinated by ethnic cooking, and his taste in multicultural friends echoed. As a teenager, he would poke his head in the kitchens of his friends’ homes to discover their families’ recipes and tricks. Not only did he learn how to cook, he also became fluent in eight different languages.

Although he had no formal training, Chef Athi began his career as a line cook at Restaurant L’Atelier in 2007. One year later he became the Garde Manger at Bronte. After seeing his potential, Chef Joe Mercuri decided to take him under his wing. He became his apprentice and worked by his side for the last 10 years at Rosalie’s, Globe, and finally at Mercuri Montreal.

During that time, he also revamped the menu at Houston, won underground chef battles, and starred as a guest-chef at exclusive Wine Auctions in West Palm Beach. Bringing with him the expertise he has mastered, Chef Athi is embarking on a new journey as the head chef at SLK Rd.

Oli Harding

Executive Chef

Hailing all the way from Poole, England, Chef Oli Harding has elevated his skill through years of experience as sous-chef to Michelin-star chefs around the UK, including Michael Caines, Chris Eden, and Hell’s Kitchen prodigy Chris Wheeler. He’s cooked for some of Europe’s most highly acclaimed establishments (including Marina Villa Hotel in Fowey and Stoke Park Golf Club) where he won several awards for his craft.

Inspired by his passion for discovering exceptional recipes and cooking practices around the world, Oli travels to as many places as he can. One of his favourite trips was going Truffle hunting with the BBC for a T.V show in the Alba region of Italy.

So how did he end up in Montreal? Although his career abroad was nothing short of perfect, Oli decided to leave it all after meeting his Montreal-born sweetheart. He started working as Chef du Cuisine at Cavalli, and began to cook privately for UFC fighters, hockey players, actors, and Montreal’s Elite. In 2014, he accepted the position as head day chef at Mercuri Montreal.

Today you’ll find implementing all he’s learned and tasted, as he takes a journey up the SLK Rd. And when he’s not gracing kitchens? He’s coaching future generations of talent at Pearson School of Culinary Arts.


Justin Sabini

Director of Operations

After 20 years of working in the restaurant industry, Justin Sabini has perfected the art of what it takes to create the ideal dining experience. Priding himself on an old-school work ethic blended with a new school mentality, Justin is an innovator in his industry.

He has worked alongside some of Montreal’s finest, all the while leaving his own lasting mark on some of the city’s most reputable venues. Relentless in his goal to make his dining room the most enjoyable that this city has to offer, his infectious positivity, affinity for all things wine and a smooth, polished demeanor, make him truly a pleasure to watch.

Eager to implement his style of service, which has garnered him a following for the past 2 decades, Justin embarks on his new journey up the SLK Rd. rejuvenated and with more motivation than ever before. He will undoubtedly be the perfect addition to the multi-cultural mosaic that is the SLK. Rd.

Patricia Strucka

Corporate Sales Director

Restaurant corporate sales guru and top-tier event planner Patricia Strucka is among Patricia holds a degree in Hotel & Restaurant Management from LaSalle College,in addition to a Bachelors of Commerce from Concordia University.

Beyond academia, her experience in the hospitality industry was heavily enriched by her travels growing up, from travelling the world with her parents, to working in several countries across Europe. With over two decades of experience in such a dynamic industry, Patricia takes pride in recognizing and understanding the needs of her clients. From working at the Ritz Carlton, to directing corporate sales for iconic local treasures such as Mercuri, Ristorante Bice (Beatrice) and Cavalli to name a few, she brings a wealth of diligence and quality to every project she takes on.

Over the past 25 years, Patricia has mastered the ability to combine a no-nonsense work ethic with a genuine, charismatic personality, promising maximum productivity whilst always making new friends along the way.