A Testing philosophy


If you’d like to be transported through cultures and regions around the world, you’re invited to take a trip up SLK Rd.

SLK Rd. is inspired by the infamous Silk Road, an ancient network of trade routes that connected Asia with Africa, the Middle East, and southern Europe. These routes were, for centuries, central to cultural interaction. Much like the Silk Road was the epitome of cultural exchange, SLK Rd. brings together a network of rich flavors, customs, and cooking practices from around the world.


Your food journey



Dining with CULTURAL creativity.

Our Menus

Our carefully-crafted menu combines exquisite world cuisine with a wide range of international culinary techniques, bringing together an extensive selection of intercontinental dishes and cocktails sure to transport your tastebuds all around the world.

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Bring the world to your conference table

Private events

Celebrate your private or corporate event with us in style. Whether your entertaining a small group of guests in our lavish secluded oasis, or wining & dining within the restaurant, SLK Rd promises a gorgeous atmosphere suited to any event.

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